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EUA Evaluation

In 2011 Masaryk University became a member of the Institutional Evaluation Programme, offered as an independent service to higher education institutions by the European (EUA).

The first evaluation took place at Masaryk University in 2004 and a second was held in 2012.

Final 2012 evaluation report for download:

Evaluation Report (July 2012)

The evaluation contact person is Ing. Šárka Řehořová.


MU evaluation process in 2012

The evaluation process was launched in October 2011 with the submission of a self-evaluation report.

Two evaluation visits were subsequently held in March and May 2012; an international evaluation team actively discussed a range of issues with faculty and Rector's Office representatives, MU management members and external partners. 

The external EUA evaluation team included the following members:

  • Henrik Toft-Jensen, rector emeritus, Roskilde Universitet, Denmark (chair)
  • Lucija Čok, minister of education and rector, Univerza na Primorskem, Slovenia
  • Dieter Timmerman, rector emeritus, Universität Bielefeld, Germany
  • Dan Derricott, emeritus vice-president for academic affairs, University of Lincoln, Great Britain
  • James Gosling, emeritus director for quality, National University of Ireland – Galway, Ireland (team coordinator)

MU was evaluated in the following areas:

  • administration and management,
  • management and quality assessment,
  • degree programmes and teaching,
  • research,
  • internationalization.

The evaluation process was completed in July 2012 with the submission of the finalevaluation report to MU.